Welcome to U-Pass Motorcycle Training - CBT compulsory basic training within easy reach of Torbay, Newton Abbot, Exeter, North and East Devon to riders of all experience levels.

CBT Motorcycle course, 16 Years+

The Compulsary Basic Training (CBT) is a DVSA Structured Course which is the fundamental foundation to your new Motorcycling lifestyle, it is typically one day course, that is reqiured by law before you are abe to ride on the road.

It can be taken by anyone age 16 or over.

CBT is about us training and assessing the student so that they are equipped with the basic skiils to be SAFE on the road, as a family orientated business we take this responsiblty very seriously.

To complete a CBT Course you must have The Highway Codeeither a Provisional or Full Driving Licence with Category A (Motorcycle Entitlement), category B (Car Entitlement), category P or AM (Moped Entitlement)

The options for CBT courses are:
  • 1 day communal CBT
  • CBT2 - 2 day communal CBT
  • CBTPLUS - 1 day 1-2-1 CBT
  • CBT2PLUS - 2 day 1-2-1 CBT
PLUS courses (1-2-1) are just you and the instructor.

If you are 16 or have no previous experience of geared cars/bikes on the road then the traditional safe route is to undertake your FIRST CBT on an auto moped followed by a geared lesson ( if you want gears ).

Selecting an inappropriate course could prejudice you passing the cbt or lead to prematuure termination, give consideration to alternative style / length courses, should you fall into any of the folowing categories:
  • You cannot ride a pushbike / have no or little balance ability
  • You are 16
  • You have no previous experience of geared cars/bikes on the road
  • This will be your first experience on a geared bike
  • You have learning difficulties
  • Autism / Dislexia or similar
  • You have a physical disability
  • You suffer from aniexty
  • You wish to conduct the course without other students
  • You simply want more training

i.e. of you have no previous experience of gears you may wish to opt for a 2 day CBT which offers a greater chance of passing.

We do appreciate cost can be a factor in course selection, a longer course for example offers more training and potentially a greater chance of acheieveing the CBT.

If you do not have your own bike to undertake the CBT upon, or not able to get it to the CBT, then bike hire is available: chargeable
  • Auto moped ( age 16 or above )
  • Geared 125cc ( age 17 or above )

We prefer students to use thier own Motorcycle Safety Equipment, however if you do not have your own then we can loan you at no cost
  • Loan - Helmet
  • Loan - Motorcycle Jacket

you will need to provide your own "personal items," as per the list below.

  • Motorcycle Gloves
  • Trousers - strong hard wearing
  • Footwear - ideally ankle boots but no steel toe caps.

Motorcycle Gloves must be armoured gloves, corretly fitting i.e. fingers not longer than needed, if you do not have any then Trago2Wheels do sell them in the shop for a minimal spend, and you can purchase on the day.

Pass or Fail ??

A CBT that goes the distance will conclude with you being taken out on the public highway for an on-road assessment of your riding, this assessment includes mandatory elements of the CBT such as the Emergency Stop and U-turn.

In the event that you are not able to demonstrate to our satisfaction that you are safe on the road then you will not be granted your CBT on this day.

CBT is NOT an automatic pass !!!

In such circumstances you will need to make a further booking to continue training and re-undertake the assessment which will require further additional payment.

Your Day

Your day begins early ( 8:45am ) and comprises of - both classroom and Onsite Practical Training. Sessions are split into elements in accordance with the DVSA sylabus, having made appropriate progress you will be fitted with a radio system and taken out on the road.
  • A - Safety Equipment
  • B - Major, Minor controls and maintenance
  • C - On Site Manoeuvres
  • D - Pre road ride briefing
  • E - On road
The Highway Code You must complete all elements of your CBT competently and to a satisfactory standard in order for your Instructor to issue you with your Certificate.

On the day you will need to have:
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • An adiquate knowledge of The Highway Code
  • Motorbike Safety Equipment
  • Sandwiches for lunch
  • Cold drinks if required
Once successfully completed your CBT you may then ride a Motorcycle upto a maximum cc of 125, or 50cc if under 17years of age, on L plates. If you pass on an auto you are entitled to ride a geared bike.

A CBT lasts for 2 years at which point you have to start the process again if you have not sucessfully passed your motorbike test.

Your CBT typically concludes in 1 day, however some people may have different rates at which they pick certain things up, we aim for 1 day however should your training continue into a second day, this will require an additional fee. We aim to complete cbt's around 4:30pm but this can vary.


The cost of the CBT is based upon the course and length selected plus the cost of the bike hire.

Fill in / complete the CBT Enquiry form ( see below ) which will display CBT and Bike costs based on your selection.


CBT's are booked online, generally in line with the following:
  1. Decide which course is correct for you, Email us or call us if you cannot determine or purchasing a voucher
  2. Choose a date with CBT space from the OnlineCalendar
  3. Complete the online CBT Enquiry Form this will provide you prices appropriate to your selection
  4. If accepted you will be emailed back a link for electronic payment
  5. Make online payment
  6. A booking confirmation email will be issued containing all the information about the booking, dates/times and what to bring
  7. Attend for your booking

A typical CBT day starts at 08:45am and concludes around 4:30pm. TQ12 6JD

Student discounts are available, you will need to email in a photo of your Student Totum card card for review/approval.

Please note in making a booking you agree to our Terms and Conditions

Should you have any questions that are not answered here or within our FAQ then please Email us